How far in advance should I book the service?

If my photos have hit you, do it now, most couples book me more than a year in advance!

Where do you work?

I work mainly in Verona, my city and all over Lake Garda.
I love to travel, every destination is a discovery, so I'm happy to go everywhere to tell your story.

How long is the photo shoot?

Usually the wedding photo service lasts about 10 hours: the day begins with the bride and groom's preparations, and then continues with the ceremony, the couple's portraits, the reception, the cutting of the cake, and finally some moments of the party with dances and jokes. In this time I will capture all your best moments, your emotions, I will be available to your guests and I will have fun with you. When I think I have all the necessary material I will stop the service.

Will there be posed photos?

Here is the "murder" question that all my spouses ask me! I believe that the moment of couple portraits is an opportunity to let you chat, have fun and relax, so my approach with you will be even more friendly and intimate, just to be able to get the shots I want without you being a burden and without you noticing!
There will be many walks, cuddles, kisses, caresses, jokes and even rides. Already during the interview I will explain to you what I would like to accomplish based on the location chosen and it will only be you who decide whether to indulge me or not.

What are the delivery times?

I usually need about 6 months to deliver the work to you, but each story is different, so the time may vary. I always like to inform my couples about the progress of work, to increase their curiosity and that of relatives with small social previews.

Why did you choose to split the budget into a photo shoot and album?

After many estimates, experience has taught me that the best qualities with any customer are transparency and sincerity. Me, first of all, when I have to buy a service or a reward, always someone who gives me honesty. The photographic market is full of all-inclusive packages with blocked prices that do not give you the real perception of the value of the service itself and above all of an album. My spouses know very well the prices of each of my proposals (and they are many!) And can choose what they want based on their tastes and their budget.

Can we see your albums?

This is a very important question: yes, but by appointment only! I collaborate with a great artisan with whom we produce unique pieces for each couple, albums that are yours and nobody else's, because once produced they are no longer offered but only shown as examples. Creating a collection is not for me, as my imagination knows no limits. Here this is definitely my trump card.

What are Wedding Slideshows?

They are my masterpieces, the top of my work, the most beautiful and effective way I have to make you relive your big day by involving all your senses! The idea was born at the beginning of my adventure, when I had to face the first interviews and show my photos as a cold roundup of moments and details without a space / time logic. So then I thought to create some very short photographic videos with a musical base, so that words and rhythm matched perfectly with my images. Believe me it is a very long and very demanding process!