“When I was a child I used to dream dinos and space shuttle but then I bumped in that tricky, crazy puzzle called Life”

Few shots in memory of my childhood, no relative keen on photography and no camera around the house, yet I’m here.
It entered in my life by chance, because others observing my shots, realized that there was something in me just waiting to come out. I spent whole afternoons lying on the grass looking for flowers, ants and ladybugs, rapt by colors and sudden movements, I trained my eyes to the unpredictable and to freeze time in the right moment. I didn’t really think that one day all this would be useful and that I would become an emotion hunter.
My parents raised me by teaching me commitment and humility and making me breathe a lot of love every day. That’s why I chose to dedicate myself to wedding photography and to all those moments that, in one way or another, let me to express in images concepts such as union, life and family. A special day, new stories that follow one another, tears and happiness, an honor and a huge responsibility on my shoulders.
I am creative but at the same time I am fascinated by logic and canons, in every shot I seek sincerity without ever forgetting composition and language. I love words and I love images: let me enter into your heart and create eternal emotions.
I’m a storyteller, nothing more.


Being published in industry magazines and blogs is always a great satisfaction, but I never consider it a point of arrival. There is always so much to learn and every new experience must be better than the previous one. I have to thank all the people who help me in making the editorials, because their efforts are immense and often undervalued. I am fortunate to work with extraordinary professionals, gifted with talent and crativity and who leave me speechless every time, a perfect team where just a glance is enough to understand each other and get excited.