“My love is like to ice, and I to fire …”
The snow that makes everything magical, a contrasted love that fights between the heat of the fire and the strength of the ice, two souls and two colors that seek each other and follow each other surrounded by nature . We wanted to recreate an eternal game of opposites, starting with the choice of the unusual and very apt palette of colors: a cold gray against a warm copper, in a white snowy frame. The poem “Ice and Fire” by Edmund Spencer, an English writer from the ‘500, inspired and led us through a tortuous journey full of pitfalls and mixed feelings. The visual narrative has developed in the representation of the thrill of mutual discovery, the exchange and the continuous research of the other. A contrasted passion that is also reflected in changing climatic conditions: the clear sky turns into an intense snowfall. A long smoky gray dress with a hooded cape perfectly frames the auburn-haired bride who stands out in the white with her figure. His gaze is made even more magnetic by the smokey makeup in shades of gray with a hint of copper inside the eye. The hairstyle is gently surrounded by snowflakes and tufts of fog of two circles decorated with paper. The groom’s ice-colored eyes, very elegant in his midnight blue suit with gray vest and tie, are in harmony with a sky that promises snow. A stationery with a contemporary style, dictated by the contrasts too, accompanies this couple: the elegant calligraphic style and the use of copper sealing wax blend with “brushed”, strong and modern decorations. The same concept is reported on the wedding cake, elegant but vital, and in the mise-en-place characterized by gray, copper and white drapes and handmade ceramic pots made by hand. The bouquet was made with flowers with cold and winter tones, soft and silky like snow and surrounded by thin copper wires. An enchanted forest always reserves unexpected surprises, like the indiscreet but silent look of a group of deer. Aerial shots allow us to enjoy a show of rare beauty: Passo Rolle, at almost 2,000 meters above the Dolomites, wakes up illuminated by the rays of the sun but it won’t stay that way for long.

Erica Vitulano / Bride
Thomas Odorizzi / Groom
Forever Film di Paolo Brentegani / Video
Andrea Bianco / Drone
Bee in Love Wedding Design di Elisa Tedesco / Stationery
Marvi Fiori di Martina Smereri / Flower Designer
l’Officina del MakeUp / Mua
Marianna Michelon /Dress
Baratto Lavis /Suit
Paperthink / Gioielli
Cremerie / Wedding Cake
Maruska Fiego / Mise en Place

Thanks to Lovely day Journal, Sisters in Law and Aisle Planner for publishing and sharing this masterpiece of beauty, we are so proud of it!