“Courage is the price that life requires to guarantee inner peace, the soul that does not know this, does not know how to free itself from small things; he does not know the livid solitude of fear, nor the height of the mountain from where one feels the bitter pleasure of listening to the sound of wings. How can life guarantee us the gift of living, of rewarding ourselves for the depressing abuses and great hatreds, if we do not support the imperative of the soul? Every time we make a choice, we pay it with the courage to look at a bad day and consider it beautiful. ”
I am passionate of flying and travels and my dream was to tell something about the great character of Amelia Earhart, her courage, her choices and her strenght, a woman with no fears and who accepted her final destiny. Everything reminds the wind and the concept of flying. I found out the perfect venue for this inspired shooting, Castello di San Pelagio, which is a museum of flight, but also the greatest lucky was to meet Matilde, a theatre actress who had an incredible similarity with the original character. In this editorial I tried to emphasize the concept of a strong and free bride, with a one piece dress, geometrical flower decorations and a rusted stationery.

Concept & Stationery / Bee in Love – Wedding Design di Elisa Tedesco
Photo / Valentina Fraccaroli
Video / Forever Film di Paolo Brentegani
Model / Matilde Vigna
Mua & Hair / Anna Penazzo
Flowers / TraTERRAeCIELO Garden&floralDESIGN di Anna Mazzucato
Dress / Max Mara
Cake / Cake Studio – Dolci Creativi
Accessories / PAPERthink
Glasses / Ottica Pozzi
Location / Castello di San Pelagio & Manuela Vezù